Why I moved to Dubai & how you can too!

Living in Dubai

In 2014, I felt stuck. I was only 24 and nothing about my life excited me. I had followed all the rules; school, university, job. The next logical step was to save up and buy a house. I felt trapped and uninspired.

I took some time to think about what I actually wanted from my life, and I decided I wanted to…

✨ live in the sun. The UK weather really wasn’t doing it for me;

✨ achieve financial stability and build wealth for my future. I really wanted to have peace of mind month to month and whilst I wasn’t struggling in the UK, my prospects for high paying jobs didn’t really seem achievable in the time frame I wanted; and

✨ have a nice quality of life. I avoid stressful situations at all costs, my main goal in life is enjoyment. I wanted to live in a place where life was enjoyed.

None of these points are ground breaking revelations, but they were important to me and as it stood I wasn’t moving towards any of them.

At the time, I wasn’t sure how to take these things and make them an everyday reality, so I decided to do something I enjoy while I figured it out. I booked myself two months of travel around South America. I gave myself a year before my trip to save enough money to allow me to quit my job and leave myself open to opportunities.

As soon as I committed to these plans, life felt instantly more exciting. I was putting the life I wanted for myself first.

2 months before I was due to leave for South America, a job was advertised for my company in Dubai. It matched my profile and ticked so many of the boxes for what I wanted in life. Dubai is sunny, income is tax free and quality of life is 10/10. Since I had already begun the process of preparing to leave the UK (if only for a couple of months) I applied, I had nothing to lose!

I couldn’t believe it when I got the job and they were willing to allow me the time I already had booked to go to South America. Although I do believe there was some luck involved in my situation, I also believe that had I not identified what I wanted from life and changed my mindset to achieving those things I probably wouldn’t have applied for the job.

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