Read this before booking the Maldives

Your booking the Maldives, this is a big deal and a big expense… but trust me, it’s completely worth it!

The Maldives Dream

Since visiting the Maldives I’m constantly wondering when I can go back, but oh my, there is lots to consider to make sure your trip lives up to expectations. Here are a few things to pay attention to when booking to help you to have the best Maldives experience.

Speed boat or Sea plane?

It may seem like the least of your Maldives concerns but it’s actually an important consideration. When you arrive at Male airport you will need to get a speedboat or seaplane to your resort. These transfers are usually arranged by your resort, and are either included in the booking price or at an extra cost. I would recommend trying to get it included. Consider your flight timings and how much travel time the seaplane or speed boat will add. Also consider your return flight as seaplanes do not operate after sunset, this could leave you with hours waiting at the less then glam Male airport.

Sea plane in the Maldives

Overwater villa or beach bungalow?

Do you enjoy swimming in the sea? If so an overwater villa is a no brainer! I think it’s a novelty and unique option for staying in the Maldives so if budget allows book the overwater villa!

Maldives over water bungalow

All inclusive, half board or breakfast only?

In paradise, you have lots of time to enjoy a late breakfast, leisurely lunch and decadent dinner. There is also plenty of time for cocktails, beers and rose all day… So what I’m saying is forget being stressed about the cost of lunch and allow yourself to indulge with the all inclusive Maldives package – you will probably find its most the cost effective option in the end.

Excursions or all day chill?

Everyone has asked me if I got bored in the Maldives… absolutely not, there are not enough hours in a Maldives day! Our package included 3 excursions of which we only used one (dolphin spotting). If you are able to get excursions included in your package it’s worth it, there is lots to do in the Maldives!

Other things to consider…

✨ How many restaurants and bars does your resort have on offer?

✨ Does your resort have a pool for all guests?

✨ Will there be snorkelling equipment available?

✨ Is evening entertainment and daily activities scheduled?

✨ Have you booked in season? Everyday rain in the Maldives is not a vibe.

Have you been to the Maldives, what advice would you give to someone who is booking? ✍🏾👇🏾

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