Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah: Is it worth a stay?

Chedi Al Bait Sharjah

I’d been eyeing up the Chedi Al Bait in Sharjah for sometime. It’s authentic Arabic architecture and decor and reputation for a luxury stay intrigued me… I decided it was time to stop listening to hearsay and try it for myself.


A short drive from Dubai to Sharjah and we pulled up! The staff are ready to greet you and take your luggage and you step into the maze-like hotel grounds.

You instantly feel like you’ve entered into some sort of Arabian village.

Once you find your way to reception you are greeted with some refreshing lavender drinks and checked-in. Now might be the time to mention that the hotel is ‘dry’, meaning no alcohol is served.

To the room

Grand Room

We were given a quick tour of the facilities, the hotel has two restaurants (which I’ll come to later), two cafes, a pool and a spa.

My first impression of our room was it was authentic and very on brand. The Arabic theme means dark woods, dim lighting and minimalistic decor – not my usual chosen aesthetic but I could appreciate it. My main observation was that there was no bath tub, for me a luxury stay always involves a bathtub!

Otherwise, the room is very well appointed. The vast bed provides that top tier level of comfort that only luxury hotels can and the Aqua di Parma toiletries are a nice touch.


First and foremost the pool… as lovely as the very small pool is, it is just that, very small. It can only really accommodate 12 guests at a time, so should you get there too late you are left with the nowhere to soak up the sun. It’s also worth noting that there is no separate kids area. The hotel do provide transport to the beach, but for me, especially in the summer months, the pool is where I want to be.

I visited the spa for a 60 minute massage which I feel like is a must when staying here, but make sure you book in advance as slots were very limited. The spa itself is small and separate for men and women, but not busy and ample to help you relax.

Onto the two food and beverage options. The main restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. At lunch you’ll find an international menu, of which I didn’t find impressive. At dinner they serve an Arabic menu and this is where they shine. We ordered the lamb tagine, the flavor was delicate but full, comforting yet not heavy and thoroughly enjoyable. As I mentioned before, it’s a dry hotel so no wine was enjoyed during this meal!

Lamb Tagine

They also have a Japanese restaurant on the hotel grounds called NOMANI, we didn’t have the chance to visit but it has an impressive rating of 4.9 on Tripadvisor!

The two cafes are cute and a lovely way to break up the day with a coffee and sweet treat.

The grounds

Chedi Al Bait, grounds

I mentioned before that the grounds of the hotel are maze-like, for this reason you can spend some time just wondering around. There are so many unique spaces to stumble upon and enjoy.

The final verdict

It’s a beautiful hotel, that I cannot deny. It’s a one of a kind, lovely experience. However, the pool (or lack of) is a deal breaker for me when my purpose of stay is to relax. One night here is more than enough, however I would recommend visiting the hotel for dinner or a coffee and enjoying a stroll around the grounds that way.

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