Is Mauritius one of the best honeymoon destinations?

Travel has been on pause the last 12 months, planning a wedding will do that. However, my eye was always on the prize… the honeymoon!

Finding the best honeymoon destinations is easy, but picking one is hard. We went back and forth a little, between Thailand, Maldives and Mauritius comparing resorts, weather and prices for our dates – we landed on Mauritius.

A comfortable six and a half hour flight from Dubai, we arrived. This is why I believe Mauritius lives up to its reputation of being a perfect honeymoon destination…

A picture perfect paradise

If a paradise holiday is what you are after then you will find it in Mauritius. No man alive can tell you the beaches are not beautiful, you will find white sand and clear waters for days! I will caveat that by saying the beaches vary in beauty depending on where you are staying, for example I found the beaches in the West more picturesque than those in the North. For this reason do your research if a long stretch of perfect beach is what you look for.

Although a tourist trap, I didn’t feel the idyllic paradise feel had been tarnished, that doesn’t mean to say it didn’t feel like a tourist destination, more so that its natural beauty remains in tact.

Something for everyone

I love relaxed days on a sunbed, but not for days straight. Mauritius does it all, when you’ve rested enough you will not be stuck for activities. We got up to the following:

✨ Swimming with wild Dolphins – this is the company we used, I would recommend them!

✨ Benitiers Island, snorkelling & Crystal Rock

✨ Hiking Le Morne Barbant – we booked this guide, the best!

✨ Visiting Chamarel, 7 Coloured Earth & the waterfall

There was more that we could have done, but 7 days wasn’t enough for it all. Check out what we got up to in my reel!

It’s easy to navigate

Honeymoons are for riding the love wave, not for bickering over directions! Luckily Mauritius is very easy to navigate so provides a stress free experience in that sense. I’d highly recommend hiring a car if you plan on exploring as taxis and hotel transfers tend to be expensive. The roads are good, however are poorly lit at night.

A tropical climate

We visited at the end of November into the first few days of December, the weather was beautiful. We had one day of overcast skies with a quick spell of rain, for the rest of our week it was glorious sunshine. Depending on where you are staying on the island you might experience more wind, the North & West of the island are known to be less windy, I was told this is due to the mountains acting as protection for the trade winds.

Final verdict – is Mauritius one of the best honeymoon destinations?

Mauritius is a perfect honeymoon destination, however for me, Maldives holds the number 1 spot. You can’t go wrong with either destination, but for romance, Maldives wins!

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