Address Beach Resort: One of the best Dubai hotels?

Could Address Beach Resort be one of the best Dubai hotels? I managed to squeeze in a two night stay at the resort back in November my family came to Dubai for my wedding, such a special occasion meant they wanted a hotel to match and the Address Beach Resort seemed to fit the bill.

This is why I think Address Beach Resort is one of the best hotels Dubai has to offer.


Set within two of Dubai’s hottest tourist locations, JBR and Bluewaters Island, the hotels dramatic structure is a thing to behold.

Arrival is a sensory experience. You are first drawn in by the intoxicating signature Address scent, soon after the striking flower centre-piece pleases the eye until you set upon the rest of the exquisite and expansive lobby. First impressions are everything, on entrance you are reassured you are in for something special.


The decor is understated elegance, offering varied shades of beige with touches of blue and grey. It’s perhaps not the most exciting interior but it achieves a level of comfort and familiarity that leaves you feeling at home from the moment you enter. A beach facing view with a balcony is recommended – the view sweeps some of the most iconic Dubai landmarks including Ain Dubai, JBR Beach, the Palm and in the distance the Burj Al Arab.

All rooms feature a generously sized bath tub, rainfall shower, twin sink and private toilet.


Once you’ve figured out the lifts, and arrive at the 77th floor the world’s highest infinity pool awaits you. Mornings spent here provide awe-inspiring memories for even the most seasoned travellers. It’s not hard to while away the hours here, admiring the creation that is Dubai either from the 95m of pool or from the comfort of one of the plush cabanas.

You can also take yourself down two levels to the spa and gym, which dramatically share the breathtaking views from above through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Should you want to relax closer to ground, there are a further two fabulous pools and a private beach.

Address Beach Resort Rooftop infinity pool


Dubai’s food scene is on your door step but if you’d rather not leave the hotel you can choose from four different dining options. I enjoyed the food at the Beach Grill and Zeta 77 was perfect for a few after dinner drinks.

Breakfast is a vast array of every food you might think to eat before noon, you are left wanting for nothing.

The verdict

I challenge you to stay here and be ready to leave. The facilities, service and location work in perfect harmony to provide a truly luxury stay. It’s the perfect base for anyone visiting Dubai, with so many attractions only a stones throw away.

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